Congratulations on your publication! Blue Cypress Books is pleased to support local authors and artists by offering a consignment program. Accepting books and other items on consignment allows us to carry and feature a wider variety of books and gifts, including independently published and print-on-demand titles. We do not, however, carry any titles self-published through Amazon or any self-publishing platforms owned by Amazon (CreateSpace, etc.).

Books must meet the requirements described below in the guidelines. Non-book items such as stickers or greeting cards must be evaluated and approved by Blue Cypress Books managerial staff before being accepted for consignment.

Books will not be accepted prior to agreeing to the consignment contract. If a book is dropped off before this agreement, it will be treated as a complimentary review copy and will be donated after it is reviewed. We will not sell or hold review copies.

We are currently only accepting consignment from full-time New Orleans residents. 

General Consignment Information and Guidelines

  • Blue Cypress Books pays 60% for consignment items sold. Blue Cypress Books retains 40% as sales commission.
  • Authors who consign MUST provide a link to Blue Cypress Book’s website or social media (Facebook or Instagram) that appears first, BEFORE any link to Amazon or Barnes and Noble on their social media. No consignment book will be accepted until this link appears on the author’s website. Authors who have a Facebook page are also required to “like” Blue Cypress Book’s page, and we will certainly reciprocate.
  • We will initially take 3 copies of each consignment title.
  • Blue Cypress Books agrees to stock books and other items on consignment (when accepted) for a 3-month period.
  • Once the books or items sell out, Blue Cypress Books will provide payment accrued from sales.
  • If items have not sold and we do not receive email contact from consignee after 90 days, books will be donated to a local charity. Consignee may also request we send back at the their expense any unsold items or hold them for pick-up for 30 days. Whether or not we renew the consignment agreement is solely at our discretion.
  • Blue Cypress Books is proud to carry consignment books as part of our overall inventory. As such, we hold consignment books to the same high standards as the rest of our book inventory. All consignment books must be bound with legible titles on the spines (children’s books and chapbooks are exempt). They must also be proofread and free of typographical errors.
  • Authors need to provide contact information including, but not limited to, email address and phone number.

We look forward to working with you!

Management @ Blue Cypress Books