General Consignment Information and Guidelines

Congratulations on your publication! We’re pleased to support local authors and artists by offering a consignment program. 

Books and non-book items (stickers/cards) must meet the requirements described below in the guidelines:

If a book is dropped off before our acceptance, it will be treated as a complimentary review copy and will be donated after it is reviewed. We will not put review copies for sale on our shelves or hold review copies.

We are currently only accepting consignment from consignees who reside full-time within 50 miles of our bookstore.  

Blue Cypress Books pays 60% for consignment items sold. Blue Cypress Books retains 40% as sales commission.

Consignees MUST list Blue Cypress Books on their website including a link to purchase the item from Blue Cypress Book’s website. Blue Cypress Books must be listed ABOVE any link to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. 

We will initially take 3 copies of each consignment title.

Blue Cypress Books agrees to stock books and other items on consignment for a 3-month period.

Once the books or items sell out, Blue Cypress Books will provide payment via Paypal or Venmo or check. 

After the 3-month period, Blue Cypress Books will contact the consignee to pick up any unsold items. Items unsold or left more than 10 days after the request for pick up will be donated to a local charity. 

After reading this consignment form please fill out the consignment form below and a representative from Blue Cypress Books will contact you within 7 days. 

Click here for Consignment Form