Saint Kitty Meow Prayer Candle


For our 15th Birthday, longtime customer and friend-of-the-shop Bree surprised us with a Saint Kitty Meow Prayer Candle, and after we picked ourselves up off the floor, we said “okay so can we buy a set of these from you because we think we know a few people who will want them. Like all of us obviously and then like, at least 2 or 3 customers.” And she said “yes, of course.” So now we are here on the this website creating a listing so y’all can have a Saint Kitty Meow Prayer Candle too.

The candle photographed here is ours and it’s yellow, but the ones you can have are white.


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In addition to being a BCBer, Bree (writer/designer/witch) works in film and is pursuing writing full-time with a focus on TV/development (and a love + expertise in the vampire/supernatural genres). Check out her website, her instagram, and her etsy shop.