Small Press Signings

The booksellers at Blue Cypress Books love to support our local authors published through small presses and are happy to host them for events if the following criteria are met.

Please note: We need a minimum of 8 weeks advance notice to host an event.

Inventory Availability: Books must be available to us on a returnable basis, at a standard discount (40% or more), from one of our existing suppliers that does not charge a restocking fee for returns. Alternatively, the author or press can provide us with books to sell on consignment at the event with a 60/40 percent split. Of which, 60 percent goes to the author or press.

Event Fee: The author or publisher must provide payment to hold the date.

Book Talk & Signing $150

  • Seating for up to 50 guests
  • 15 minutes – greeting guests
  • 45 minutes – author talk/reading + Q&A
  • 30 minutes – book signing at table

Refreshments provided for an additional $50

In exchange for the event fee, Blue Cypress Books will:

  • Display the book in a prominent place in the store.
  • Host the event on the second floor of our shop. (Tables, chairs, cups, and utensils will be provided)
  • List the book and event on our website.
  • Send out a press release to local media outlets.
  • Feature the event in our email newsletter.
  • Provide graphics that can be used online or in print

Blue Cypress Books cannot guarantee sales or turnout at the event. We advise all authors and presses to work with us to promote the event by:

  • Having author photos and book covers available as .jpgs and providing them to us in a timely manner along with an author bio and plot summary of the book(s).
  • Having an author website or social media we can link to.
  • Listing our event on your website and social media accounts.
  • Please note: If you have a purchasing link to our competition – Amazon or Barnes & Noble – on your website, we require that you also include that your book is available at our shop and add a link to our website. If your website has an events page, we require that you update that page with information about our event, preferably linking to the event page on our website.

At the Event

  • Please do not bring any merchandising materials with you that list our competitors–Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
  • Please do not refer customers to any of our competitors during the event. We are happy to ship books anywhere in or out of the country and will continue to stock your book after the event. Customers not purchasing that day can be told that they can get the book from us at a later date.

Our event space is also available to rent for private events on a case-by-case basis, depending on date, time, and expected turnout. Feel free to contact us for more details.

If you can meet the above criteria and are interested in scheduling an event, please email our events specialist, Rayna Nielsen, at