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New Moon Magic Book Launch! Witch + Stitch! (Virtual)

October 14, 2023 • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us Saturday, October 14th at 6 pm for a Virtual Witch + Stitch celebrating New Moon Magic: 13 Anti-Capitalist Tools for Resistance and Re-Enchantment!

Amy Torok + Risa Dickens of the Missing Witches podcast, book, and coven are launching a new book dedicated to sharing and celebrating free tools and practices of resistance and re-enchantment. This event is free and open to the public, however RSVP is required.

Each month Amy + Risa host private New Moon Zooms with their coven of international Witches and badasses, and so to celebrate the launch of their latest book they’ve collaborated with a web of mission-aligned indie bookstores to throw open the doors on those private gatherings and throw a grand New Moon Virtual Communal Witch + Stitch to bring our communities together!!

Jump into a portal with us! Let’s unmask safely together and celebrate how weird and powerful we are! Bring whatever project you are currently working on, and let’s talk about magic makers from history and today, the tools that have always been there for us, and let’s weave protection into the web for all those who resist fascism, and who work – in their own unique ways – to re-enchant the world.

This virtual event will be hosted by the authors, Amy Torok and Risa Dickens, in conversation with the incomparable Christena Cleveland.

“New Moon Magic summons us into the gestalt wholeness amid vast difference that can save us from binaries, from antirelationality, from capitalism, and from the type of death and decay that does not plant seeds and replenish the soil.”

– Christena Cleveland, PhD. Author of God Is a Black Woman.

This event is produced in partnership with select indie bookstores around North America, folks we admire and adore and whose communities we are excited to meet and connect.

We encourage you to follow these amazing bookstores and – if it’s possible for you – to pre-order New Moon Magic through them and support their work!!!

If you pre-order New Moon Magic from these or any outlet Keep Your Receipt!!!

The publishers of New Moon Magic – North Atlantic Books – are celebrating the launch by offering a thank you gift for pre-orders:

Get a free New Moon Magic notebook when you pre-order NEW MOON MAGIC before September 12!

Pre-order the book from any retailer and submit your receipt via this form to get a free notebook!*

*⁠Please note that this promotion is available only to readers with US-based mailing addresses. Promotion is limited while supplies last.⁠

Form link: https://forms.gle/VV3FQc1pBwFU3rEr6

Pre-orders mean so much to authors, publishers, and booksellers so we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to anyone who has the time and resources to help welcome this book into the world.

Special thanks to the wildly inspiring indie bookstores below – not just for carrying our book and inviting their communities to Witch + Stitch with us – but for everything you do to build communities, celebrate diversity, and protect every person’s right to tell their story and speak the TRUTH in the face of oppression, marginalization, and violence. This is the most profound magic and we feel so lucky to be linked to you.